How to sleep better

Do you often have sleep problems and would like to be able to sleep better at last? If so, then you are not alone with your sleep disorders: A lot of people have difficulty in sleeping or generally falling asleep. With this post I want to help you to a naturally healthy and better sleep. We simply combine the causes of sleep with 24 tips that will help you to sleep better in the future. As you can see, these are a whole tips for better sleep. I hope that you will not fall asleep during but after the article!

” Sleep better – eat and drink before sleeping “. Healthy diet is extremely important for good sleep. Here I’ll show you when to eat before you go to sleep and what foods are ideal for a better night’s sleep.

Sleep Better Tip # 1

Do not go to bed with your stomach full even if you feel that your full stomach has made you really tired, you will not be able to sleep better. Because your body processes the food you eat so that you can either fall asleep badly or get sleep disturbances during the sleep phase. Therefore eat only food which is easier to digest in a short time before going to sleep.

Sleep Better Tip # 2 Eat More Bananas

Bananas are rich in potassium and magnesium. So it can curb cramps that is a typical cause of sleep disorders and hopefully sleep better. Combine the banana with a glass of milk or make a smoothie from bananas and milk. Milk contains casein that provides your muscles with protein throughout the night, so you will not get cramps.

Sleep Better Tip # 3 Cherries

Cherries also promote the melatonin production of your body. Like the banana juice, a cherry juice before going to sleep can help you sleep better.

Sleep Better Tip # 4- Treat yourself by Salmon

The unsaturated fatty acids in salmon make us tired and make us fall asleep more easily. One of the many causes of sleep disorders is increased stress. The omega-3 fatty acids in salmon counteract your sleep problem by making you more relaxed and tired. In addition, the unsaturated fatty acids push the formation of the body’s sleep hormone melatonin. That’s screaming for a delicious dinner with salmon, right? By the way, besides salmon, herring also helps you to sleep better.

Sleep Better Tip # 5 Tuna for sound sleep

In addition to Salmon and Herring , Tuna is also ideal if you want to sleep better. Tuna contains the amino acid tryptophan, which promotes fast falling asleep and minimizes your sleep disorders. In addition, tuna contains a lot of protein, which frees you from another cause of sleep disorders: muscle cramps. So, before you go to sleep, treat yourself with a portion of tuna salad and you can certainly sleep a little better by doing so alone.

Sleep Better Tip # 6 Eggs, we need eggs!

In order to be able to sleep really well, of course, eggs are a good remedy against sleep disorders in addition to tuna. As with tuna, the tryptophan in the eggs helps you to sleep better. The melatonin production is promoted, so you get tired faster.

Here again my recommendation: Before going to bed, eat some eggs. Good night!

Sleep Better Tip # 7 Treat yourself with a warm cocoa

Also in cocoa powder is the amino acid tryptophan and helps you to sleep better. You can also get rid of insomnia with a warm cocoa, since cocoa contains phenylethylamine, which increases the production of endogenous hormones and makes you tired after a while. Ideal for a healthy, better sleep.

Sleep Better Tip # 8 Do not drink alcohol before sleeping

Alcohol ensures that you can sleep better without doubt. But for that, the likelihood is very high that you will be awake in the middle of the night and then can not sleep anymore. Stick to the rule and drink at least 3 hours before going to sleep no more alcohol. This is also a good rule to prevent a heavy hangover the next day.

Sleep Better Tip # 9 No Drinks Before Sleeping

If you want to sleep better and get rid of your sleep problems, you should not drink any caffeinated drinks like coffee, black and green tea and coke in the afternoon. Because caffeine does not only work for 10 minutes in your body, but several hours. Drink milk instead, so you can sleep better tomorrow.

Sleep Better Tip # 10 Drink a herbal tea before sleeping

The classic bedtime herbal tea helps to fall asleep, has been scientifically proven. They are special plant substances that make you relaxed and tired. Forget about green and black tea and instead drink a relaxing tea with chamomile, lavender or mint.

Cheers and good night! Sleep better in the perfect environment. The sleeping environment has a direct and indirect influence on your sleep quality. Here are some tips for better sleep related to your bedroom and sleeping accessories.

Sleep better Tip # 11 Light off, sleep mode on!

The light on the screen of the computer or on the power strip can actually be a cause of sleep disturbances, even if the entire room is otherwise dark. If you want to sleep better, you should clear these strangers before going to sleep. Alternatively, of course, it also does such a sleep mask, which has already helped a lot to a better sleep. Basically, before you go to sleep, take a technical break by switching off all technical equipment completely.

Sleep Better Tip # 12 Smooth your bedroom soothingly

Beige, light yellow, white or green shades have basically a calming effect. But basically, it’s just important that you paint your bedroom in a color that calms you and that helps you sleep better. That can be black too. The change to a calmer color does wonders, believe me.

Sleep Better Tip # 13 Adjust the room temperature

Perfect for a healthy sleep should be about 17 °C to 19 °C. It should not be too cool. In the summer, the implementation of this tip also may be more difficult, I admit. Still, be sure to reach the ideal room temperature if you want to sleep better in the future.

Sleep better Tip # 14 Sleep with little clothes

A pajamas is basically unnecessary. Because if your organism has to regulate your body temperature yourself, you automatically sweat less and wake up much better recovered. If you want to sleep better, you should go to bed in underwear.

Sleep Better Tip # 15 Keep it quiet

Your bedroom should be quiet so you can sleep better. If you live on the street or your partner snores, it’s probably already very loud. Often enough ear plugs are enough so that the sounds from your environment can not disturb your sleep and you can simply sleep better. It should not be too quiet then again but you should not have a snoring partner and do not live on the street. A light humming of the connected speakers or a ticking clock make sure that you have minimal noise and sleep better.

Sleep Better Tip # 16 The mattress is the base

I can give you so many tips here, but the foundation for a healthy, good night’s sleep is your mattress! I know that my mattress is already a couple of years old and I have to replace it soon. Every 5 – 10 years you should change your mattress, because it is simply worn out at some point. For me, a hard mattress is perfect to sleep better. But everyone has to try it out for themselves. Anyway, a bad mattress is one of the most common reasons for poor sleep.

Sleep better Tip # 17 Pets not in the bedroom

This is certainly a bit hard not to have your faithful companions directly with you, but if you want to sleep better, dog, cat … . should not be in your bedroom. Because your body reacts subconsciously to every movement and every sound. If you want to minimize your sleep problems, you should not have your pets in bed with you.

Sleep Better Tip # 18 Try two blankets

If you are sleeping alone, this tip is currently superfluous for you. For couples, however, switching to two blankets can be optimal for better sleep. Because as good as a couple may fit together, the sleeping habits can be completely different. Two blankets can be the solution to sleep by-eye sleep.

Sleep Better Tip # 19 – Do not get cold feet

Have you ever slept with socks? Many people quickly get cold feet, which can also be a cause of sleep disorders. If you want to sleep better, just let the socks on and try it out.

Sleep Better Tip # 20 Fragrance for Better Sleep

Fragrances have an incredible effect on your mind and help you to relax and sleep better. Ideal are scented candles, which you often get plastic-free. Just make sure to make out the candle well before you fall asleep, because the scent lingers long enough in your bedroom. The following fragrances have a soothing, relaxing effect and can help you sleep better:


Just the scent of lavender can release cramps and help you relax. Many people dribble their pillows with lavender oil to sleep better. This lavender scented candle can be a good solution to your sleep problems.


The scent of lemon balm also relaxes your body and mind. Try this scented candle with lemon balm. But I’m not 100% sure that the candle comes to you completely plastic-free with this provider.


The scent of the rose is sensual and relaxing. Perfect for sharing romantic hours and a good night’s sleep.


Vanilla scent is super relaxing and lifts your mood. Vanilla creates a cozy atmosphere and helps you to sleep better.


lemon scent has a stimulating and refreshing effect. In combination with lavender scent, this plastic-free scented candle will help you in the glass. Not all scents are for better sleep, but try to get rid of your sleep problems with these fragrances.

Remember to turn off the candle in time before falling asleep! I can not say that often enough.

Sleep Better Tip # 21 Do you have the perfect pillow?

Are you abdominal, back or side sleepers? Because then you should also choose the right sleeping pillow. Recommendation for belly sleepers -> Such a thin, flat pillow *. Ideal for back sleepers -> normal pillow *. My tip for side sleepers -> So a harder, sturdy pillow *. You can wash your pillow as often as necessary, dust mites always nest in your pillow and can lead to severe sleep disorders, especially in people with allergies. Also for sleep on the train, in the car or on the plane, this cushion with bamboo fiber cover is plastic-free packed *.

Sleep Better Tip # 22 – Make sure you have enough exercise

Due to technical progress, we are becoming increasingly comfortable. We use the escalator or the elevator chair in the office and drive an electric bike instead of a normal bike. But our body is made for exercise. Exercise is ideal for insomnia and to help you sleep better. It does not have to be a 10-kilometer run every day. Just take a walk or avoid escalators, elevators, and other things that prevent you from moving sufficiently during your lunch break. So you are automatically tired in the evening and can sleep better. TIP: If you do exercise in the evening, you should wait 1-2 hours before going to bed. Because then the fatigue only really starts, as your circulation goes down.

Sleep better Tip # 23 – Take a warm bath

As we sleep, our body temperature drops and the recovery process begins. A similar process of cooling your body experiences after a warm bath in the tub. The warm bath also relaxes you and helps you to sleep better.

Sleep better Tip # 24 Stay in the sleep rhythm

This tip against sleep is admitted, not so easy to implement. But to sleep better, you should not only during the week, but also at the weekend to keep up and bed times. That way your body can adjust to it and you can sleep 100% better. Even if it’s hard, try it out.

I hope you did not fall asleep while reading! 😉 If you take the tips against insomnia, I am 100% sure that you can sleep better now.